Reptiles in Ontario include turtles, snakes, and one lizard.  There is a great diversity in sizes, shapes and characteristics of reptiles in Ontario. Turtles can be characterized by their shells. Snakes can be characterized by scales and lack of appendages (arms or legs). Lizards can be characterized by their scales, they are like snakes with legs. Ontario has 27 species of reptiles; 1 lizards, 8 turtle species, and 17 snake species.  Two thirds of Ontario reptiles are of conservation concern. This section will introduce you to Ontario reptiles and teach you fun facts about them.



It is important to know that 7 of Ontario’s 8 turtle species are considered at risk. One of Ontario’s turtle species, the snapping turtle, is listed as special concern in the Endangered Species Act and Species at Risk Act, however; the Ontario government has continued to allow hunting on these species. If you think this needs to be changed, please contact your local MP and let them know your concern and dislike. Together we can make a difference.


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