Interesting articles/videos March 2013

Here are some interesting articles/vidoes that I think people would like to know of…


Anti-oil champagne:

Exonn Valdez split large amounts of oil after hitting ground in 1989. This oil spill occurred  in Alaska, and was detrimental to the environment. As our government tries to push for greater transport of Canadian oil, keep these incidents in mind. They don’t happen often, but they have catastrophic effects…Recently the BP oil spill in the gulf….


King Rd. closes in Burlington during salamander breeding:

This is super cool, and I wish it was more of the norm than a news worthy anomly. Burlington has once again closed a part of King Rd to allow salamader breeding to occur safely without the risk of being hit by cars. I know you are all excited and would like to go check it out, but by going to the closed road, you risk stepping on the little guys and killing them. Solution…appreciate how cool this is and let them breed without any interference.

Display of birds that die due to building collisions in Toronto during breeding season:

This is so sad, and not enough attention is given to this issue. A substantial number of birds die due to collisions with buildings during breeding season. Building that are collided with most often are ones made entirely of windows, so there is a solution, build less stories, and less window based condos…try and help our feathery friends out!!!



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