Great horned owl

This post is perfectly timed…the owlettes, baby owls, are in the nests, and if you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of one this time of year.

The great horned owl is amazing, gorgeous, and absolutely stunning in my opinion. I am lucky enough to see these birds every Saturday when I volunteer at Mountsberg Raptor centre (, and do they ever have unique personalities. I LOVE THEM!!! If you get a chance, you should come check them out, along with the other raptors housed at Mountsberg-it is a unique centre where you will be able to see a large number of raptor species, and can even take in a show.
Enjoy and thank you for your support and interest-remember if you have a request, shoot us an e-mail 🙂


About Sarrah

I am a wildlife biologist with a great passion for wildlife, including conservation and public educations. Through my years, I have come to realize many of peoples' concerns about wildlife has to do with a lack of knowledge about their behaviour and needs...this is where I think I can help.
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