Playing possum

Oh the possum…they aren’t that pretty, I like to call them large rodents, but they are unique.

This is North America’s on marsupial, meaning young develop in pouch (like a kangaroo). They are quite funny to watch and are pretty cool. Unfortunately, they were introduced in Ontario, and this is pushing their climate limits-they commonly get frost bite which can kill them because they have exposed skin (tail and ears) that is susceptible to cold weather issues.

However, they have been doing well in general here and are pretty cool to see around.

One of their defense mechanisms is to show you all their teeth and drool, hoping you will leave them alone, but they will rarely, if ever, attach people-so if you see one, admire it from afar (it is unnecessary to get all up in its business!)

Enjoy and keep checking back!



About Sarrah

I am a wildlife biologist with a great passion for wildlife, including conservation and public educations. Through my years, I have come to realize many of peoples' concerns about wildlife has to do with a lack of knowledge about their behaviour and needs...this is where I think I can help.
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2 Responses to Playing possum

  1. Mr. L E Harron Brammpton Ontario says:

    Why were possum introduced in Ontario? Larry
    please reply – have them im my yard.

    • Sarrah says:

      From my knowledge, possums weren’t purposely introduced into Ontario. Like many animals, they migrated from their original location of Virginia , either as temperatures have changed or were translocated unknowingly on vehicles. However, opossums are limited by the cold and do suffer from frost bite in Ontario during winter, so they are limited to Southern Ontario for now. This species may further expand its range as temperatures change in the future.

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