Chipmunk Cheeks

Hey all,

Just added another post about chipmunks. I love chipmunks. When I was doing some trapping for a job, I would get a chipmunk in one of my traps everyday, the same trap. I always liked to see him (I am assuming it was a him, he seemd like a friendly chap), he would just wait patiently for me to release him, and the next day he would be back, maybe the seeds had something to do with that :S

Anyway, hope you enjoy, and I am hoping that people are reading this and liking it, please comment on what you like or dislike so I can adjust, and also if you have a species you are just MUST learn more about–> I am having a hard time deciding what species to do next, so any requests would be great!

Enjoy nature and appreciate all the wildlife around you,



About Sarrah

I am a wildlife biologist with a great passion for wildlife, including conservation and public educations. Through my years, I have come to realize many of peoples' concerns about wildlife has to do with a lack of knowledge about their behaviour and needs...this is where I think I can help.
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