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Hey all,

I have been busy think of the best way to keep you all updated on what is going on with this blog. Myself, as well as a new partner (Billi Krochuk) will be posting information. I am hoping to get a new post everyday during the week, but weekends are a little harder for me to post.
I will send updates when new posts are up, or you can keep checking back.

Right now we have a post under birds-Eastern Screech owl…I chose to start with this little owl because it is breeding season for them and this will be good time to try and find them in your neighbourhoods, and be mindful that they are more active at this time…so be careful when you are driving!!!!

Anyway, hope you are learning things and I am excited to continue to educate you all  🙂



About Sarrah

I am a wildlife biologist with a great passion for wildlife, including conservation and public educations. Through my years, I have come to realize many of peoples' concerns about wildlife has to do with a lack of knowledge about their behaviour and needs...this is where I think I can help.
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