How this works…

Hey all,

So this is how this is going to work. I plan on posting information about species under each page as sub pages, this will make it easy to access the information for all. I will also add random posts, which will be under the sub post categories. These posts can be anything from how random information about a certain animal, fun facts, or even recent news.

I will try to post as much as possible, but its gonna take a while to get everything up due to the HUGE diversity of animals in Ontario, but here I go….

Happy reading!


About Sarrah

I am a wildlife biologist with a great passion for wildlife, including conservation and public educations. Through my years, I have come to realize many of peoples' concerns about wildlife has to do with a lack of knowledge about their behaviour and needs...this is where I think I can help.
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One Response to How this works…

  1. Jo Ann says:

    Good luck with your new blog, Sarrah! I remember how excited I was when I first started by blog and when you get comments, it’s “icing on the cake.” 🙂

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