North American Porcupine

So I know its been forever. I apologize.  I decided to do this post as I have recently spent some time with a porcupine and have been seeing more of them out in the wild.  I also find that few people know much about porcupines so I hope this helps everyone out.


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Trumpeter Swan

Hello all,

I know I have been absolutely horrible at posting anything. I am going to try to be better.

So….here you will find a new page about trumpeter swans.

With my work, we have had quite a few of these beautiful birds come in. It was a hard winter for many waterbirds, and many swans were weak and emaciated due to the long harsh winter we have had in Ontario. But with spring, comes hope for these birds and more feeding opportunities.

Please enjoy the page and I hope you are all doing well and loving this warmer weather 🙂



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Red-tailed hawk

This bird is definitely at the top of my list as favourite birds.  The call of a red-tailed hawk is so majestic and just makes me smile, no matter what else is going on. I am also lucky enough to spend quality time with a red-tailed hawk, who is used for education. They are beautiful birds and each have their own unique personality.

This bird is very common and you will often see them flying around the highways, or sitting on poles or signs on the highway.

Please enjoy this post and keep your eyes peeled for this beautiful bird!!!

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Sign of northern Ontario

To me, the common loon is a typical figure of Northern Ontario.

Their beautifully eerie calls make my heart skip a beat and are so pleasing to the ears.

I have had the opportunity to rescue a loon that was trapped on a small body of water, it took the efforts of many, but we were able to capture the loon, get it checked out medically and put it back in a large body of water. At the release the loon started calling, almost as a thanks, and it made me feel amazing and reminded me of how awesome my job is 🙂


PS- I know I haven’t posted anything in a while, I will try to do better.

Hope you enjoy


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My new life-Wildlife rescue and release

Hey all,

Sorry I have been MIA, but my life has changed drastically with  my new job. I am happy and excited to tell you that I am the new rescue and release staff member at Toronto Wildlife Centre. This is a dream job and I am so happy to be a part of the awesome team at TWC. If you don’t know much about TWC check out their website

TWC is a one of a kind charity that helps orphaned, injured and abandoned wildlife in the GTA.

And here is a news article that the Toronto Star just did where one of their reports (Katie Daubs) shadowed us for a day…it was awesome 🙂


Enjoy and I will try to get an animal post up soon 🙂

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Hey all,

Life has been busy, just got a new job, so been super busy with that…hopefully can update you on that sometime soon. But until then, here is a post to hold you over.

I want to introduce you to the mallard (duck) (found under the birds heading). These ducks are very common and can be seen in a number of environments including wetlands, streams, ponds, parks, school yards (they like to nest there), and apartment buildings (again, like to nest).

Hope the information provided helps you distinguish this beautiful water bird and remember to take your knowledge outside and try and spot our wildlife neighbours.

Keep learning


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How Foxy….

Hello all,

Here is another cool post about…the red fox.

I love foxes…they are so cute, and just seem so playful. It is amazing seeing them pouncing on food, or the kits learning to hunt and stalk and will stalk each other…AMAZING!

I remember when I was in University, there was a fox that would follow students along a path, cute, but also worrisome because it indicates people were feeding them.

So enjoy this post, under the mammal category…and remember to keep wildlife WILD.


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